Monday, June 10, 2013

When luxury equals designer jewelry, no matter its cost

Have you ever wondered what luxury means to you? On one hand, we are referring to luxury as in exquisite, sumptuous, very expensive products or services, but there is another meaning for luxury as well. It is something that you afford to do or just buy as it makes you feel very comfortable, it has high quality and it is something rare. Think of an entrepreneur who affords to travel whenever he or she wants, not being tied to fixed working hours at the office. We say that he affords this luxury ‘cause not many people are able to do the same whenever they want, due to their working schedule or even lack of finances.

In the fascinating world of jewelry, luxury equals designer jewelry for some of us, no matter its cost. It’s not the money that makes it luxury, but its quality and rarity, as designer jewelry is usually “one of a kind”.

How come I write about it? Last weekend I went to the third edition of Jewelry Design Fair in Bucharest, Romania, and I saw there people in search of such luxury. This edition’s challenge for the designers was to create gold jewelry, adorned with different gemstones. I discovered there lovely collections, which inspired me to write about them. I’ll show you below just one piece of jewelry from each designer that went to this fair and I’ll come back with more pictures as I promised myself to visit their jewelry shops and find their stories.

Ring by David Sandu, the creator of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry in Romania

"Vol de grues" necklace - the masterpiece of ''Nipone PREMIUM'' by Andreia Gabriela Popescu - in 14K white and yellow gold, with a  0.024 ct diamond, yellow sapphire, carnelian and Aquamarine

Brooch by Alexandru Lupu

African black wood and 14K gold earrings, by Alina Simion

Ring by Alis Lalu. 14k White&Yellow Gold with Emerald

Earrings by Alexandra Ungurelu. Golden Paper collection

Damson wood and white gold ring, by Grig Mitrea

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