Sunday, July 6, 2014

The expression of femininity

Not all women love jewelry which is why having many jewelry items or wearing different accessories every day is out of discussion for them. But even those women do have few jewels they love to wear because of their significance: their engagement / wedding rings (which I totally understand why they’re so fond of) and a pair of earrings. They often are the earrings they received as little girls or at some point later in their life on a special occasion.

The earrings have always been an expression of femininity and it seems mandatory for a girl or a woman to own at least one pair.

I cannot be the kind of woman that sticks to just one pair, especially when such beautiful creations expect for their wearer:

Bochic Earrings

Cardan Earrings Blue & Green Chalcedony
Art Deco Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Gold Earrings, via Romanov Russia


Yves Earrings White Gold
Miseno Earrings from the Seahorse Collection

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