Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Proud to have it – Brielle Bijoux

My next guest on "Proud to have it" is Gabi. I would like to say a few words about her before inviting you to discover "her precious" to understand why it was so difficult for her to choose just one jewel. I met Gabi two months ago, at a jewelry fair. Yes, that’s right, she is a jewelry designer. Of all the accessories being sold at that fair, Gabi’s jewels had something special and I found them very interesting and beautiful. I bought a bracelet for me then, a month later I bought a necklace for my mother and today I am happy to have Gabi as my guest. This is her story:

More than one

Trying to decide just over one piece of jewelry is always a real torture for me...Which would it be? The "overreaction bracelet", the "Anita earrings", or the "golden bars" set?

I generally like big, over-sized jewelry, so this is why I first thought of my “overreaction bracelet”.

Overreaction bracelet
Overreaction bracelet
 I also like modern, contemporary jewelry created in a minimalist style, with only a few lines, so next came up the “Golden Bars” set.

Golden Bars earrings
Golden Bars necklace
In the same time I equally love silver and gold jewelry. Silver is youthful, fresh and sharp, spring-like, but gold is warmer, it has a softer light, closer to skin color...summer like. I know that many persons prefer to only wear silver and don’t have any gold accessories, or the other way around. This is not my case, because I feel that generally my outfit should decide the shape and the material of my accessories.

Anita earrings

Each time I design and create something new, I try to make it better than everything before, but when it comes to decide which one to’s always difficult to choose. You can find my jewelry here: Which one would you wear?

Anita earrings

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