Sunday, April 7, 2013


It’s been a while since I've been thinking of publishing guest posts on a regular basis. Not any kind of guest posts but only articles in which the writer tells us about her dearest jewelry in her collection.

I am sure that every woman has a preferred jewel that she is so proud of. Think of your collection. There are jewels you simply love and other adornments that you’re not very crazy about but it’s good to have them. It could be a difficult choice to name THE ONE but I am sure everyone has a preference. Maybe it’s the ring your grandmother wore at her wedding and now it belongs to you, or it could the necklace your sweetheart gave you on your fifth anniversary or simply the earrings or bracelet you bought for yourself on a vacation or at a jewelry fair.

I even thought of a special name for these entries and I’ll create a dedicated section. Their mark will be these 4 words – “Proud to have it” so you will know every time you see them that another beautiful and smart woman decided to share with us her preference.

Tomorrow I’ll publish my first guest post. It’s written by my dear friend Tereza (check out her blog to get to know her J).

So do not miss tomorrow’s post, I’ll be waiting for you on!

Photo source: Skatell

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