Sunday, February 16, 2014

1 Year of Jewelry Love Affair

Photo credit: Andrei Gindac
Today I celebrate one year since the launch of Jewelry Love Affair blog. I am grateful to my dear friend Tereza Anton, who back then had the patience and willingness to prepare my blog for the virtual world, to Ingrid Juncanariu and Valentin Stefan, who designed several visuals for this project, to the talented photographers Cristian Sutu and Andrei Gindac, who took amazing photos, to the beautiful women who agreed to show us the jewels they are proud of (Tereza, Ioana Manoiu, Andra Samson) and, of course, to the designers who presented us their captivating creations (Gabriela Secarea, Alexandra Ungurelu, Alis Lalu, Claudio Pino). Last but not least, I am grateful to all of you who have visited my blog until this day and to those who will read it starting now.

I am happy to briefly present you what this year meant for my lovely blog:
  • 60 articles;
  • Over 10.000 page views, most of them from Romania, United States, Russia, UK, Germany, India, France, Ukraine, Canada and Brazil;
  • New friends with whom I share the passion for jewelry;
  • More than 350 images uploaded on the site;
  • Getting up-to-date with new jewelry collections and in love with so many of the jewels I've promoted.
Bottom line, an amazing love affair which got me addicted.

Thank you all for visiting Jewelry Love Affair blog and you’re more than welcome to do it again and again. If you’d like to see a certain type of jewelry on my blog or have any suggestions, please write them down and send me an email at

Let’s make this new year an extraordinary one! Stay tuned for exquisite jewelry and unique stories!

With love,


Many thanks to Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest Hotel, which hosted the photo shoot, and to my inspiring photographer Andrei Gindac. 

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