Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful has been my motto over the last year. Many experiences have offered me the chance to (re)discover myself and the world.

Life is beautiful. There are many reasons to feel so and the people around us are one of the main sources of beauty in life. They make our universe.

Life is beautiful because it brings out beautiful people along our path and it knows so well when to do it.

Two On A Swing Pendant, by Natalia Moroz & Sergey Zhiboedov

Selda Okutan Necklace

Two Beauties ring, by Sergey Zhiboedov

Selda Okutan Pendant
Life is beautiful and YES!, it is so damn good to be with yourself from time to time.

Selda Okutan Ring

Life is beautiful. Simple as that.

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