Monday, March 10, 2014

New bracelets and outfits to match

My previous post has turned on my appetite for digging into precious jewelry collections and finding new amazing bracelets. I even went further with my discoveries and put my imagination to work. In which occasions would I wear them? How would I be dressed?

Well, easy to say :) :

1. I'd match this bangle with a rock outfit – skinny pants, fitted leather jacket and biker boots.

Victorian Bangle Bracelet by Perrys Fine Antique & Estate Jewelry

2. This bracelet seems to be right for a colorful silk summer dress.

Stepping stone bracelet in oxidized sterling silver and hammered 22K gold, by Jeff and Susan Wise

3. The next one would be perfect for a green-emerald knee length satin dress, don't you think? 
Donald Huber Onyx Diamond Gold Bracelet

4. And last but not least, I'd wear this bracelet with a casual white shirt, a pair of jeans and nice sandals.

Cuff in Yellow Gold with Rock Crystal, Black Onyx & Diamonds, by Ivanka Trump

Now, my darling, it is your turn. What would you wear?

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