Sunday, June 29, 2014

A touch of green

Sometimes, a certain touch of color can change a creation 180 degrees, be it in a painting, interior design, on a piece of clothing or jewelry. It is the one element that makes the creation fabulous, keeping it away from being plain or too common.

This is how I feel about the touch of green in these jewels:

Gianni Lazzaro Emerald Ring via Sabion
Erica Courtney® green tourmaline wrap ring

Fernando Jorge Fluid Diamonds and Chrysoprase Long Ring 18 carat yellow gold, chrysoprase and diamonds
Miseno ring from the Seahorse Collection, set with green tourmaline and rubellite in yellow gold

'Delirium' Zambian emerald ring with variegated blue Basse Taille enamel in white gold by Hannah Martin

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


#beautiful, #colorful, #delicate, #precious, #jewelryloveaffair

Gold, quartz, ruby, cognac diamond pendant by German Kabirski
Victorian Carved Agate & Pearl Pendant
Butterfly Pendant
Antique French Jeweled and Enameled Locket Pendant, circa 1850
Happy to have a look-alike pendant:

Photo by Andrei Gindac

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Behind the scenes - Bouquet d'ailes by Boucheron

Have you ever wondered what it takes to give life to an exquisite piece of jewelry?

I've just found this wonderful necklace from Boucheron and it’s quite amazing to see how it was made. Very briefly said, we are talking about more than 9 months of fabrication, over 1250 working hours and more than 2300 gems.

Bouquet d'ailes by Boucheron

Here, take a look behind the scenes of Bouquet D’ailes necklace:

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Addicted to music

Can you imagine life without music?

Music means vibration, pulsation if you want. It comforts us, gives us joy or makes us relax, it is therapy for those in need and inspiration for those blessed with the act of creation.

Music makes us dance and enjoy the moment, enjoy ourselves, enjoy life.

Fine Retro Geisha Brooch with Gemstones

Adagio in G minor Collection - Necklace by Alis Lalu

Enamel and Diamond Violin and Bow Brooch, c. 1760

ART NOUVEAU Pendant 'The Dance to the Music of Time'
The summer is here so let’s dance on the beach, in the park and gardens, on the terraces of clubs, in our own apartment with the windows wide open. Just bring it on the floor and dance like you never did before. J

Now, do you feel the music in your life?

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A new kind of rings

Do you like rings that cover a big part of your finger? Yet delicate and not too massive, they elegantly dress up your hand in gold, diamonds or other metals and gems.

I just love them! You can imagine my pleasant surprise while searching the internet and coming across these beautiful rings on

Rose gold & diamond ring by CRISTINA ORTIZ

Berbère 18-karat gold ring by REPOSSI

18-karat rose gold & diamond ring by DIANE KORDAS

Lady Caiman 18-karat blackened white gold diamond ring by VENYX

Yes, I love them so I buy them every time I have the opportunity. This is one of the rings I've recently added to my jewelry box.

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