Sunday, June 30, 2013

"La joaillerie en rose"

I am more into silver or white gold jewelry than yellow or rose gold adornments. If you have any doubts on this you should see my own jewelry collection which stands as a proof of that. Few jewels are made of yellow gold and I didn't even buy them myself. They were given to me by my mother.  

Don’t get me wrong – I am not against colored gold jewelry. I just think I haven’t come across the right yellow or pink gold jewels for me yet. Although I am a silver or white gold person, I wouldn't say “no” for sure to the rose gold jewelry below:

Montblanc Pétales Entrelacés ring

The Quatre White Edition ring in yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and ceramic, by Boucheron

Perlée bracelet with diamonds, by Van Cleef & Arpels

SOPHIA LOREN white, pink gold and diamond ring, by DAMIANI

Imperiale ring - 18 carat rose gold, by Chopard
Garrard two-finger ring in rose gold -  Wings collection 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthstones and recommended jewelry for you – part 3 (February - May)

It’s time for the last part of our series dedicated to birthstones, so this post is especially for those of you born between February and May:

February: Amethyst

* The ancient Egyptians believed amethyst could keep a person from being poisoned.
* Medieval churchmen used amethyst rings and jewels to promote divine revelations and wisdom, since amethyst was considered a symbol of Christian love and sacrifice.
* Amethyst also was said to enhance courage and creativity, to promote intuition, psychic development and even self-esteem, to deflect anger, and protect the wearer against evil.

Attrape-moi…si tu m'aimes "Galet" ring in 18-carat white gold, diamonds and facetted amethyst - by Chaumet

 March: Aquamarine

* It was called "The Sailor's Stone", due to its sea-like colors, and was thought to protect sailors and people traveling over water.
* In the perception of Hindu mystics, the amethyst helped to promote mental clarity and to improve one's public speaking.
* In today’s belief, this gem provides inner calm and enhances both verbal and written communication. 

Antique Diamond and Aquamarine Pendant Earrings, circa 1890 - via Fred Leighton

 April: Diamond

*Diamonds’ unique hardness and high refractive index have inspired legends:
-> to the Greeks, they were teardrops from the gods
-> to the Romans, they came from the falling stars that tipped the arrow of Eros, the god of love
-> for Hindus, diamonds were the lightning that armed the hand of the god Indra

Open lattice bracelet - 340 round diamonds, 25.84 , platinum setting - by Harry Winston

May: Emerald

*Ancient people believed that emerald could heal maladies or improve vision.
* In ancient times, it was also believed that emeralds could help people see into the future.

Emerald Cuff by BOGH-ART

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Proud to have it – Cambodian necklace

Ioana and I work in the same field, the one of public relations. Every time I see her at PR dedicated events she makes quite an appearance. She is always very nicely dressed and her accessories, whether shoes or jewelry, are amazing.  

Last time I saw Ioana at a PR event I told her about my blog and asked her to tell us about her favorite jewel in her own collection. She had no hesitation in having her pick right away – a special necklace from Cambodia, as you will find out immediately:

I love statement, shocking jewelry. I’m not passionate about gold or diamonds. I like big stones, solid silver and colors.

My favorite necklace is from Cambodia. I bought it from a small shop with creations of local artists in Angkor Wat. I negotiated for it thoroughly. It is made of solid silver and is quite heavy. I must be in a certain mood to wear it as it is a complicated piece of jewelry. It takes an effort to wear this necklace and I'm aware of it at every moment. I always combine it with simple clothes, self-colored, because anything else is pointless. The necklace tells the entire story.

Thank you Ioana for your presentation! I remember you told me you have an impressive jewelry collection so you are welcome on this blog anytime you want to show us more stunning jewels.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let there be GREEN

I said it before and I’m still staying it: I love GREEN in jewelry! It is elegant and sophisticated. It gives you a sense of distinction and there is no way to pass unnoticed if you wear green jewelry, especially to accessorize a black outfit.

I've decided to do an experiment a couple of days ago and search green jewelry on Pinterest. If you wonder what my picks were, here is my top:

De Grisogono mismatched earrings
Chopard Columbian emerald necklace - centrepiece of their Haute Joaillerie collection. 73 square and 830 round brilliant-cut white diamonds with 13 cascading pear-drop emeralds
Gemfields and Alexandra Mor 26.16ct elevated sugarloaf cabochon emerald ring

Gemfields’ bangle by Nam Cho - made with 23ct of Zambian emeralds in varying sizes of cabochon cuts for a dramatic and very tactile effect
I also liked this watch from Piaget because its green dial, of course. :) 

Piaget Altiplano 38mm Stone Dial with yellow gold case, malachite dial, manufacture Piaget 430P ultra-thin mechanical hand wound movement, and black alligator 

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Monday, June 10, 2013

When luxury equals designer jewelry, no matter its cost

Have you ever wondered what luxury means to you? On one hand, we are referring to luxury as in exquisite, sumptuous, very expensive products or services, but there is another meaning for luxury as well. It is something that you afford to do or just buy as it makes you feel very comfortable, it has high quality and it is something rare. Think of an entrepreneur who affords to travel whenever he or she wants, not being tied to fixed working hours at the office. We say that he affords this luxury ‘cause not many people are able to do the same whenever they want, due to their working schedule or even lack of finances.

In the fascinating world of jewelry, luxury equals designer jewelry for some of us, no matter its cost. It’s not the money that makes it luxury, but its quality and rarity, as designer jewelry is usually “one of a kind”.

How come I write about it? Last weekend I went to the third edition of Jewelry Design Fair in Bucharest, Romania, and I saw there people in search of such luxury. This edition’s challenge for the designers was to create gold jewelry, adorned with different gemstones. I discovered there lovely collections, which inspired me to write about them. I’ll show you below just one piece of jewelry from each designer that went to this fair and I’ll come back with more pictures as I promised myself to visit their jewelry shops and find their stories.

Ring by David Sandu, the creator of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry in Romania

"Vol de grues" necklace - the masterpiece of ''Nipone PREMIUM'' by Andreia Gabriela Popescu - in 14K white and yellow gold, with a  0.024 ct diamond, yellow sapphire, carnelian and Aquamarine

Brooch by Alexandru Lupu

African black wood and 14K gold earrings, by Alina Simion

Ring by Alis Lalu. 14k White&Yellow Gold with Emerald

Earrings by Alexandra Ungurelu. Golden Paper collection

Damson wood and white gold ring, by Grig Mitrea

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthstones and recommended jewelry for you – part 2 (October – January)

Are you ready for the second round of birthstones? People born between October and January pay attention, this post is for you! 

October: Opal or Tourmaline

* Opals have been used for everything from easing childbirth to bringing strength in battle.
* Long known as the Wish Stone, opal is supposed to promote love and romance and grant wishes and personal happiness.
* Tourmaline is said to bring high energy, good luck, creativity and romance, depending on its color.

               Chopard pink opal and diamond earrings, via Pinterest

Estate Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

 November: Topaz or Citrine

* Topaz was often used to promote wisdom in its wearer, which may explain the medieval custom of giving topaz rings to heads of state, diplomats, and royalty.
* Topaz is reputed to increase understanding, strengthen breathing, prevent colds, enhance creativity, bring relaxation, control angry passions, restore energy, and aid in tissue regeneration.

Georgian Citrine Riviere Necklace with Pear Shape Drop, circa 1830 Fred Leighton

December: Turquoise or Tanzanite

* Turquoise was very appreciated in ancient Egypt; Egyptian Pharaohs wore turquoise jewelry and Cleopatra probably used ground-up turquoise for eye paint and wore turquoise in her jewelry too.
* Children in several cultures were later given turquoise charms to protect them from harm, prevent nightmares, and to grant them restful sleep.

De Grisogono Turquoise bracelet - made of 111.46 carat black diamonds, 58.65 carat rubies and 240 carat turquoise gemstones
January: Garnet

*As garnet is the group name for a family of gemstones that come in so many colors, there are so many symbols of this gem depending on its hue;
It was believed that garnets promote true love, warn of danger by changing color, and protect the wearer's home from fire and lightning.
Garnets in yellow, brown and orange were believed to stimulate energy, increase sexual vitality, and promote compatibility in lovers.
* Green gemstones were said to bring prosperity, calm the nerves, and protect wearers from emotional stress.
* Pink garnets were believed to attract romance and cure broken hearts.

Bohemian Garnet and Seed Pearl encrusted earrings, 19th century 

 See you next time, with the last part from this birthstones series!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthstones and recommended jewelry for you – part 1 (June – September)

Since I've noticed that the most read post on my blog is Zodiac signs and we all are so interested in this kind of stuff, I've decided to write about birthstones. Find out which gem is associated with the month you were born in and some facts about it. I’ll even recommend you an exquisite piece of jewelry with that specific gemstone.

I’ll start with June, the month we are in. The first 4 birthstones are presented below, while the next 8 ones will be shown in my next two posts. So all of you born in October – May interval stay tuned for it!

June: Pearl

* The pearl symbolizes purity, wisdom, charity and loyalty. 
* In ancient Greece, it was believed that pearls had the power to prevent newly wed brides from crying and to promote happiness among all those who wore them.
* More than 2.000 years ago, ancient Chinese believed pearls had the power to perpetuate eternal youth.

Magnolia 16 mm White South Sea Cultured Pearl, Akoya Cultured Pearl and 5.14 ct Diamond Necklace set in 18k White Gold, by Mikimoto

July: Ruby

* Ruby has been the gem of passion and the heart's desire since the dawn of time. 
* Mystics used rubies to stimulate spiritual creativity and religious devotion. 
* Ancient Greek women believed that wearing ruby could bring them love and physical beauty.
* Rubies were considered the wedding stone through the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, as they were supposed to keep passion alive and promote lasting love and contentment in marriage.

August: Peridot

* Medieval alchemists used peridot in amulets to protect the wearer from demons, but by Renaissance times, peridot had become a love stone, worn to attract romance.
* It has also been alleged to encourage a positive emotional outlook on life, to prevent fear or guilt, and to help develop patience.

18k White Gold Diamond & Peridot Ring by Cartier. With 34 round brilliant cut diamonds, VS1 clarity, G color. Total Diamond Weight: .34ct. 

September: Blue Sapphire

* Blue sapphire was valued by ancient Hindu mystics as the key to developing wisdom and spiritual progress.  
* The Romans thought this gem attracted divine favor to their owners.
* All through the Middle Ages, sapphires were alleged to bring a great destiny to their wearers, and were often used in court and royal jewelry. 
* Alchemists believed that blue sapphires would help them develop clairvoyance, telepathy and divine wisdom.

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