Saturday, April 20, 2013

What’s their meaning? Part II

Hi there! Are you curious to find out what the names of topaz, tourmaline, citrine, rhodolite, garnet and peridot stand for?

Here’s their secret:
  • Tourmaline owes its name to the Sinhalese term “turamali”, which means “stone of multiple colours”.
  • The origin of the name "Topaz" is supposed to be the Sanskrit word for fire - tapas - possibly because of its fiery orange yellow color. Still, there is another theory that says that topaz got its name from the Red Sea's Island of Topazos, where the Romans found a stone, which they called 'Topaz', but which later was found to be Peridot.
  • There is no doubt Citrine derives its name from “citron” (lemon). :)
Unique18k Yellow Gold Diamond and Citrine Bracelet - via Pinterest
  • The name "garnet" comes from the Roman word granatus meaning "seed", as the gems were thought to resemble pomegranate seeds. The name of Rhodolite is derived from the Greek for "rose-like".

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