Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beauty & Emotion in estate jewelry

Let’s say you’re buying estate jewelry. Have you ever wondered how the woman that first wore that piece of jewelry looked like? What was her story? Where did she wear it?

There’s more than just metal and gems in such a piece. There’s emotion. Now it’s your turn to have that jewelry witness a new story. Yours.

I am impressed by the beautiful creations you can find at Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings, watches…anything you want. And they’re beautiful, believe me. I was charmed by these bracelets the minute I set my eyes on them:

French Antique Turquoise and Enamel Bracelet and Brooch Set

Diamond Cuff Bracelet
Georgian Mourning Bracelet with Amethyst, c.'1828'
Victorian Diamond Bracelet

Antique Carnelian Bracelet

Ruser Diamond, Pearl, 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet

Retro Tourmaline Bracelet

Victorian Ruby Bracelet

Retro Cabochon Emerald Bracelet

I’ll take the challenge and play this game – how did SHE look like? Did she have an interesting life? Can she inspire me?

Use your imagination and do the same. It’s so good to dream with your eyes open sometimes.

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