Sunday, August 4, 2013

Craving for chocolate… diamonds in jewelry

Some time ago I bought from France a necklace made of beads that looked very much like candies. I still have that necklace and every time I look at it I remember my friends telling me how delicious those beads seem to be.

My mind flew back to the necklace these days as I've come across some beautiful jewelry items, with a color that reminds you of chocolate. The diamonds are actually called chocolate diamonds.

I love brown jewelry ‘cause it can be worn with almost anything. It is elegant and delicate, don’t you think so? 

XL Flamenco bracelet, rutil-quartz, Citrine and white moonstones, with brown paved diamond by Tamara Comoli 
"Zigana" ring in pink gold set with brown diamonds by de Grisogono

Chocolate brown pearl strand by Su et Ru
Pendant by Al Coro

            Elforyn with brown moonstone set in red gold bangle, by Scheffel

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