Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Proud to have it ā€“ Cambodian necklace

Ioana and I work in the same field, the one of public relations. Every time I see her at PR dedicated events she makes quite an appearance. She is always very nicely dressed and her accessories, whether shoes or jewelry, are amazing.  

Last time I saw Ioana at a PR event I told her about my blog and asked her to tell us about her favorite jewel in her own collection. She had no hesitation in having her pick right away ā€“ a special necklace from Cambodia, as you will find out immediately:

I love statement, shocking jewelry. Iā€™m not passionate about gold or diamonds. I like big stones, solid silver and colors.

My favorite necklace is from Cambodia. I bought it from a small shop with creations of local artists in Angkor Wat. I negotiated for it thoroughly. It is made of solid silver and is quite heavy. I must be in a certain mood to wear it as it is a complicated piece of jewelry. It takes an effort to wear this necklace and I'm aware of it at every moment. I always combine it with simple clothes, self-colored, because anything else is pointless. The necklace tells the entire story.

Thank you Ioana for your presentation! I remember you told me you have an impressive jewelry collection so you are welcome on this blog anytime you want to show us more stunning jewels.

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